It was time, God said…

My intention was to make these posts about my journey in chronological order, but for anyone who knows me well, knows my brain is way too sporadic for that.  So instead I’ve decided to just post whatever is placed on my heart in the moment, so if my thoughts seem random and scattered I apologize in advance! 😉

On May 8, 2016, I was sitting in church and my pastor was speaking about the importance of writing a letter to your parents before it’s too late.  In that moment I felt God speaking to me and told me that I needed to not only write a letter to my mother and father, but also to my biological mother as well.  It was a huge, earth shattering realization and for the first time I recognized that I had another mother.  The woman who gave birth to me.  The woman who put me up for adoption.  The woman who gave me away.  For the first time, I allowed myself to feel the heart wrenching pangs of grief and loss that for nearly 40 years I suppressed. 
To be continued…

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