Coming out of the Fog

My friend Ashley made this post about what it means when an adoptee “comes out of the fog”. This is incredibly powerful and articulates it better than I ever could, please give it a read!

Coming out of the fog. .

This is a term used in in the adoptee community.  Before I found my amazing Colombian adoptee community I was still in the fog.  It means that I did not question anything about my adoption.  This doesn’t mean I didn’t think about it or that it did not affect my life. It meant that I had believed my adoption story for many years as it was explained to me. .

One day many years ago I found a group on FB that was just for Colombian adoptees.  WOW!  Mind blown 🤯. There are literally thousands of us around the globe.  I began reading all these posts from people just like me.  Again, my head was spinning.  Everything I went through as a child, teenager, young adult was finally being validated by others.  Many were adopted from the same orphanage as mine in Bogotá spanning the years 1960s – 1990s. .

After some time reading, I began to see some posts that stopped me in my tracks.  What were these people talking about?  Corruption?  Falsified documents?  Being stolen?  Child trafficking?  Forced relinquishment?  Orphanages knowing and helping these unlawful crimes?  Wait…What?  How?  Why?  Wait. .

I felt myself almost floating out of my body.  I was going up, up, and away.  My mind was doing somersaults.  I was dizzy.  When I came back to my body I was numb.  I couldn’t move.  Silence. .

What just happened?  What did I just read?  What is going on?  Why are there so many posts like this?  What if I…? What if…? Wait.  What if my adoption was somehow not as legitimate as it seemed?  Could I be one of those babies stolen at birth?  Do I have a falsified birth certificate?  What the hell is going on? .

It was this precise moment that I came out of the fog.  My world came to a stop.  It did a flip flop.  I am not the same person.  The fog dissipates.  I am in a new light.  And, I have new and unanswered questions. .

This is my coming out of the fog story. .

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