Recognize the Trauma

 I’d like to share what I believe is the most important piece of information regarding adoption. 

Adoptive parents who are able to recognize that loss and trauma exist in ALL adoptees are indisputably better able to help their adopted child when the time comes for them to confront their loss. (Which can happen at any age).  This recognition on the part of the adoptive parents helps to build trust, safety and open communication with their adopted child. 

I encourage all adoptive parents to read this even though it may be hard to read and even comprehend. If you want what is best for your child you will digest this and do what is necessary to help your baby, child or adult adoptee. 

I myself had no clue (nor did my parents) until 2 years ago. This wasn’t talked about nor did the psychologists, doctors or adoption agencies of the time have the research that they do now.  

This loss takes place regardless of how well the baby or child has attached. Thank you to the adoptive parents that do understand this and are walking side by side with their children to help them navigate the loss of their first mom as best as possible. ♥️🤗

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