Family Tree

Attention ALL teachers and adoptive/foster parents!!!

Being completely honest and vulnerable right now, these assignments bothered me back then and they still do now. I don’t think I was able to understand or articulate why, but I can now! 

It’s crucial to respect and meet the adopted child where he/she is in their journey.  Some adopted/foster children might be very comfortable using their adoptive/foster family’s information and that is ok! Some may not and that is ok too!! I’m such a big proponent of meeting EVERYONE where there are in their personal journey of LIFE!

This article offers suggestions on how to handle assignments like these when they do come up. Again, this is just a suggestion, but I’ll be honest,  I totally would have loved this option way back when.    

#naam #flipthescript #listentothevoicesofadoption #weareheretohelp 

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