Help that Works

Check out this post from @erinegardiner during National Adoption Awareness Month”

Things you can do to help adoptees:

️ Be with them during their non-linear grief

️ When they try to push you away because they are worried you will leave, stay

️ Adoptee parents bring up and talk about adoption with your kids, instead of waiting for them to bring it up

️ Tell them all their feelings are valid

️ Support their desire to search

️ Support their decision not to search

️ Listen to them even if the narrative is hard to hear

️ Listen instead of telling them they should be grateful

️Tell them you love them even if you think they know it.  Say it again.  They need to hear it.
It is Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for all the people in my life who have done and continue to do these things.
Thank you for listening.

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