Human (Baby) Trafficking

“The Lost Children of Guatemala” reveals the ugly truth of child trafficking. This is heartbreaking, but it’s the truth.  It has been and still is happening in other countries around the world (Colombia too! ). I’ll be sharing how child trafficking looks from the  adoption angle.  I’m so thankful for the people who are fighting for these children and their families every single day.  It is refreshing to see that the truth is not only being revealed, but that those who perpetrated these crimes are facing the consequences of their actions.

There are several articles that provide an in-depth look on the sad truth behind international transracial adoption.  These pieces go through pain staking details to shed light on the corrupt practices that have plagued this system for decades and left so much heart break in its wake.  While I know they are lengthy, I regard them as crucial reads, because education and knowledge are the only way to stop such practices.  Adoption is sensitive enough without politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats using it to make money.  The love of money is the root of all evil and if you follow the money trail here, it points to these people exploiting women, children and the western-Caucasian desire to adopt.  In short, they’ve created a legalized form of human trafficking that violates the most fundamental human rights.  It has to end.

The Lost Children of Guatemala


Abusive S. Korean facility exported children

The Trouble With the Christian Adoption Movement

This Honolulu Lawyer Has Run A Marshallese Baby Business With Impunity

Georgia Adoption Consultants Helped Honolulu Lawyer Place Marshallese Babies

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