National Adoption Awareness Month 2019

Hi guys,
I kind of jumped into posting a week or so ago without any context, but I felt compelled to do so since I was away at the start of National Adoption Awareness Month.
I want to take this time to put my posts in context and provide some background information about myself to follow up from last year’s National Adoption Awareness Month (also known as NAAM). My name is Jennifer Milian and I am a Colombian (international transracial adoptee) with a closed adoption. I am also turning 40 years old and I didn’t start to “come out of the fog” (grief/pain/loss) until 3 years ago.  Last year was the first year that I not only shared my adoption story/journey, but I also publicly shared the ups & downs that have come with it.  Whether it was the good, the bad or the ugly it’s important to my story.  This year, it was put on my heart to share some of the insights that I have learned along the healing journey.  My hope is to help other adoptees and adoptive parents also start to heal and learn.  Also put on my heart is the need to reach out especially to the Christian community.  I really do believe that many Christians need to change their perspective regarding this very sensitive issue.  While I do believe that many are coming from a well intended place in their heart, the way that I hear so many talk about adoption, shows me that they are not informed enough about the realities surrounding the process.  I’ve shared a few insights with you and I do plan on sharing more.  By no means am I trying to tear down the church community.  I just ask you to hear and understand what I and other Christian adoptees, natural/birth moms and adoptive parents have learned through our own personal journeys.
I am certainly not angry with my parents nor did I have an awful childhood/life.  I had quite a blessed one! And I thank the Lord for it every day because not every adoptee has been as fortunate!

I love them very much and unfortunately they didn’t know any of what we know now. Believe me if they did they would have probably implemented all of it! 

We adoptees are seriously here to help because unfortunately all these struggles aren’t going away.

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