Speak your truth

I encourage adoptive parents, adoptees, birth/natural moms to follow Torie.  She speaks truth in love as a transracial biracial adoptee in an open adoption. So much insight to be learned.

@wreckageandwonder: I had a mentor in high school who told me after I graduated: “Tell your story. Speak your truth.” I am finally gaining the vocabulary to tell that story – and through the telling, comes power and through that power comes healing.
This space is my small effort to mold my agony, confusion, loss and loneliness attached to my adoption story into something I’m proud of, into something that can support other transracial adoptees seeking the means to begin their healing journey and speak their truth, into something that can prepare adoptive parents for the road of wreckage and wonder they have before them.

Find more from Torie at http://wreckageandwonder.com/blog

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